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April 2009 Blog Posts (4)

My Thoughts and Reflections for Convocation on Spiritual Transformation and Context

For the past three years The Garden has been one of a handful of parishes who have taken the work of the BCMS and incorporated into the very fabric of our being, into the very culture of who we are as a congregation. We have allowed its wisdom to guide our decision making processes as we journey to a new future together.

Gethsemane was the catalyst for this entire mission discernment process, out of the work around the Gethsemane plan, the BCMS and MSN processes emerged and came into… Continue

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Easter thoughts

I just had to share this... what a great meditation for the day.

"Easter isn't a was: Easter is. Resurrection happens. True, many of God's Easter miracles are not as dramatic as Jack's. But many are. We should not underestimate our loving God's ability to save-nor should we account anyone irredeemably lost. Not Jack. Not yourself. Not anyone-for Easter is today."

It is from today's reading in Forward Movement.… Continue

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Thoughts on Mission, from the Rev. Marlene Jacobs

When I lived in Peru for a year and traveled to some out of the way places in that country as well as Ecuador and Columbia, I noticed that, almost without exception, every town, village, and city, had what was called a Plaza de Armas (plaza of arms) The Plaza de Armas is a common feature throughout Latin America. It could best be described as the central square. The Plaza de Armas featured a large open area and park in the middle, about the size of a city block. Located on one side was the… Continue

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Holy Saturday Retreat

Please take a look at the retreat (event on this site) that is being led by George Martin at Nativity-Burnsville on April 11th. Consider this quiet retreat as part of your Lenten/Easter ritual this year! More information is available at www.nativityepisicopal.net in the April Newsletter, at the Diocesan website, or by calling the church: 952-435-8687.

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