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Green Congregations- SW Metro

A new group has been created for Green Congregation Coalition and hope you will Like us on Facebook. It is primarily Bloomington and surrounding community. But join us as we network and share ideas.

Photo is of a community garden at St. Stephens Lutheran Church in Bloomington who gives produce to VEAP food-shelf in Bloomington.…


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Listen to the Children

WOW- POWERFUL- Listen to the children. I sincerely hope all will listen to this speech of a 12 year old girl during the Rio Earth Summit  in 1992.  


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Presiding bishop preaches at ‘climate revival

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori preached the following sermon April 27 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston’s Copley Square, during a daylong Climate Revival –An Ecumenical Festival to Embolden the Renewal of Creation.  Text of speech can be found at:…


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Environmental Justice & Climate Change

I posted this on the Episcopal Cafe on Facebook but am going to repost here for what I feel is the urgency and lack of attention to.

I hope the Episcopal church will start prioritizing Environment Justice and climate change as the urgent issue it is. The canoe has started to tip and in my humble opinion the church is doing very little about it.

"Resolved, that the Convention reaffirm Resolution…


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Spanish language service at 5:30 PM on Saturdays.

Padre Neptali Rodriguez celebrating mass in Spanish language on Saturday's at 5:30 PM.…


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St Nicholas Latino Ministry

St Nicholas Latino Ministry in the Richfield, MN Sun Current Newspaper.  The Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration in December 2012.


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National Preach in on Global Warming- Feb 8-10, 2013


A reminder of the upcoming Preach In on Global Warming again in 2013.  Hope you will start some type of event at your congregation.  

It’s time for the 2013 National Preach-In on Global Warming, Interfaith Power & Light’s biggest event of the year. On the weekend before Valentine’s Day, thousands of clergy, lay leaders, and other people of faith will speak of their abiding love for God’s…


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St Nicholas Extravaganza on Dec. 9, 2012.

In case you were not able to attend the St Nicholas Extravaganza this Dec. 9, 2012.  Mark your calendar for next year.


Extravaganza act

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Film about our earth and climate change.

Care about the earth God created for us and what you leave for grandchildren and future generations?  You must see the film Chasing Ice.

This is amazing to see the ice melt of glaciers from the National Geographic photographer James Balog. Chasing Ice film


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St Nicholas Participates in Richfield July 4th parade


St Nicholas participated in the annual Richfield July 4th parade. This new Latino/Hispanic Ministry was promoted with signs and flyers. Father Néptali Rodriguez rode on the float and handed out flyers during the parade.

Father Néptali seen here checking out the new sign for the Saturday Spanish language service…


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Spanish Speaking service begins at St Nicholas in Richfield, MN

The Rt. Rev. Brian Prior attending the first Spanish Speaking mass at St Nicholas Episcopal church in Richfield. Bishop Prior (l) as he congratulates Padre Neptali Rodriguez (r) on the beginning of this new mission.

Masses are on Saturdays at 5:30 PM.  All are welcome to attend.…


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Spanish Worship Service to begin Saturdays in Richfield, MN

Santa misa en español

Todos son bienvenidos a comulgar 

Listen to a message from Padre Néptali about the new Spanish speaking service on Saturdays at St Nicholas in Richfield.  The new service will begin on April 28, 2012 at 5:30 PM…


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Issues with web site?

Wondering if anybody has experienced issues with their website? Specifically the calendar portion on my Saint Nicholas has got funky and the event names show as a blank box. They arecorrect in Google calendar it draws from.

I have not touched the site and it just appeared that way recently.

Url is= http://saint-nicks.org/

Any thoughts, pointers appreciated.

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Episcopal Exchange Members Blog (this one)

How do we get this Episcopal Exchange used more?  If can be a great tool for sharing resources and information.  But hardly anyone uses it.

Any ideas? 

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New WordPress Group

Is you church using a WordPrss for creating web pages  and you want to learn more about using it.  Or dialog with others about how to do something.

Consider joining so we can share resources, ask questions, lessons learned, etc.

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Eco Palms?

I am wondering if there are any general guidelines for purchasing palms?  Trying to get a broader perspective if churches may purchase Eco Palms or consider the sustainability.

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Saint Nicholas 2010 Extravaganza

Sony and Cher dropped in for a performance.

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Membership Databases used??

I am wondering what other churches are using for membership database . I am particularly interested in small congregations and what they are using, what their experiences have been? Are they happy with their current program/application or have they researched others.

Would like to leverage other churches experience through use of this blog. Saint Nicholas is currently using Membership Plus (v7).

Thanks in Advance

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350.ORG's 10/10/10 Global Day of Action

A letter writing campaign to Congress at St Nicholas on 10/10/10. Members of clergy and visitors writing to their elected represenatives about climate change.…


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St. Nicholas recognized by Episcopal News Service for 10/10/10 event

St Nicholas Episcopal church was recognized by the Episcopal News Service as hosting a 350.ORG Global Work Party Event. The event is on 10/10/10 to take part in Global Action to address global warming. St. Nicholas will host a letter writing campaign to elected representatives asking they break the gridlock and start some positive action. This is a social and environmental justice issue.…


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