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Dr. Gandhi visits St. Mary's, Ely

by Eunice Koch

Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, visited Ely from April 11-14, at the invitation of the Ely High School student council, speaking at both school assemblies and a public lecture that attracted hundreds. On April 12, St. Mary's in Ely was privileged to host a dinner for Dr. Gandhi and members of the Ely community who helped to sponsor his visit. St. Mary's member Julie Houle put together a vegetarian feast for the occasion featuring local foods.


Dr. Gandhi, an advocate for 'non-violent activism', stressed that although anger exists everywhere in the world, the way to create peace   is   to   "understand   how   to   use   anger   positively   and intelligently" and "create a world where violence and prejudice would not exist anymore." We were blessed to have him with us and are grateful to the young people of our community for bringing him to us.

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