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Goal III Update November 22nd leadership meeting

Goal III
Update: November 23, 2008
The MSN (Mission Strategy Network) leadership teams met on Saturday the 22nd to share our stories, update progress, and focus on the transition of moving from process into content. I sensed significant energy and commitment to this process from all in attendance.
As the Goal III team leader I presented the following overview of our work to date…and share it here for question, feedback, clarification.

Our team can be categorized into 3 major action groups as follows:

We are in the midst of mapping all of the networks (over 30 thus far) that as a diocesan community we are engaged in. All congregations will be asked shortly to check off the networks they have connections to and we will then map out the relationships.
In the world of the technology of networks there are some concepts that are helpful in our mapping process, of nodes, hubs, and links….they are:
Intra-net…..closed systems, only members who choose to participate do, others are excluded…..we are challenged to open these to the wider community.
Inter-net: open systems….membership is transparent, and all share in the relationships that are developed and developing.
Pinging: a brief message is sent from one node to another to determine if the other is awake, and responding….we can think of this in Star Trek terms….sort of ‘are you out there and awake’? MSN will be actively pinging as many nodes (congregations) as possible….
Response time: how long does a response from node to node take
Packet loss: how much of the information sent to a node is received, and returned to the sender.
Firewall: is there a device (or issue) that is blocking the message, the ping, or the response…..how do we disable our firewalls, share our stories and networks, and listen to our congregational and network neighbors?

Check out Kevin Kelly’s short video on the next 5000 days of web: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/kevin_kelly_on_the_next_5_000_days_of_the_web.html

Lay Leadership: we are surveying former congregational lay leaders for best practices, and to begin conversations around the most significant needs of lay leadership.
Clergy Renewal: ECAM (formerly MNECA) is working with Continuing Education to create challenging adaptive programs.
Youth and young adults: a team is being formed to name, support and then create network(s) of youth and young adults throughout the diocese.
Announcement: Phyllis Tickle author of the brand new book The Great Emergence will be speaking the first week in May at both Clergy Conference and at a special forum at Breck School on the 5th and 6th. Stay tuned for more information, and read her book…excellent.

Structural Adaptations
Discussions are forming around what a new organizational structure for the diocese might look like…stay tuned
Discussions are underway around naming, and creating ‘hub’ congregations that might share resources, leadership, mission and ministry…stay tuned.

Lastly, it is never too late to choose to participate in this engaging project and process.

Respectfully submitted: The Reverend Rex McKee

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