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Christ Church, Grand Rapids raises $1207 for the "Nets for Life" campaign

Christ Church, Grand Rapids raises $1207 for the "Nets for Life" campaign


by the Rev. Sally Cummings, Christ Church, Grand Rapids


November is traditionally Millennium Development Goals (MDG) month at Christ Church, Grand Rapids.


Each November the community chooses an organization that would help support the MDG's. This year that organization was "Nets for Life."


Throughout November, the folks in our community held the annual month-long Silent Auction that culminated with a parish breakfast and the awarding of the auction items. The proceeds from this auction and freewill offering along with Christ Church's annual MDG pledge helped us raise $1207.


We blew past our goal of 70 nets and will be able to purchase 100 bed nets for "Nets for Life." In addition, we were very happy to be able to take advantage of Episcopal Relief and Development's (ER&D) Matching Fund campaign running through November 30.


Our donation of $1207 was doubled with the matching funds going to ER&D's Global Fund.


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