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Young Adults find their calling in Northern TEC Wisdom Team

Young Adults find their calling in Northern TEC Wisdom Team

by Maxine Kobinski, Joel Welinski and Willie Brakke

Great Northern TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) Weekend is a youth retreat for and by High school students.


The purpose of the retreat is to learn about and experience the unconditional love of Christ in a safe and nurturing environment and how to practice the unconditional Love of Christ in their daily lives. After youth have attended TEC for the first time as a candidate they are invited back to the weekend as team members to help create and organize the weekends. TEC weekends are a  welcoming environment to engage in conversation about faith for all youth, whether they are currently active in a Christian faith community or searching, TEC is also a community that builds life long friendships.


A unique aspect of the Northern TEC weekend is the development of the Wisdom Team, pictured with this article. 


This is a group of young adults (ages 18 - 25 yrs) that support the retreat weekend by providing tasks that make the weekend go smoothly. They do simple tasks that my not be obvious but provide a strong line of support for everyone participating. Besides running last minute errands and making crafts, they pray throughout the weekend for the youth and are available for spiritual support for the other youth teams. This is a very close community that sometimes operates from behind the scenes, but is a key part of the TEC weekend.


In many Episcopal communities this age group (young adults) has a lack of regular attendance and may be seen as a non-present part of our community, but we are here. Northern TEC has succeeded in including them by finding a niche that allows for a rewarding experience and intentional program for young adults.


The Wisdom Team is an extension of the Northern TEC community that keeps college aged young adults active in ministry.  It's the transition that is missing in most of our young adults lives.  With the participation in the Wisdom team more young adults are staying connected to the church and have become active ADULT members in the church community.


AGAPE:  Maxine Kobinski, Joel Welinski, Willie Brakke - Wisdom Team Young Adults

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